Other Drug Delivery Forms

1. Syrups: Thick, sweet liquids usually used as flavored vehicles for drug delivery, consisting of a sugar base, water, natural or artificial flavorings, and a medicinal agent. .

2. Suspensions: Dispersions in which insoluble solid particles of a specific size are uniformly isolated and maintained in a suspending vehicle with the help of one or more suspending agents.

3. Creams: Semi-solid emulsions mixed with oil and water, primarily used for topical skin applications.

4. Drops: Liquid oral preparations intended to be administered in small volumes, generally to infants and children, with the aid of a suitable measuring device or dropper. Drops may be solutions, suspensions or emulsions.

5. Emulsions: A two-phase system comprised of at least two immiscible liquids, one of which is dispersed as droplets (internal or dispersed phase) within the other.


Other Pharmaceutical Forms Other Pharmaceutical Forms