Scientists & Experts´ Team

Alfredo Berthel

Director and Adviser of Technological Intelligence, R&D

Pharmaceutical Chemist from University of Cartagena. 
Alfredo inititated his professional activities in Multinational Pharmaceutical companies such as: Gillette Paper Mate of Colombia, The Sydney Ross Co. of Colombia, Pan American Miles Laboratories Inc., Farmacol, Bussié, Indes, and Dorothy Gray. 
He entered to Procaps in 1990 as Director of the Research and Development Department until 2000. That year, he moved to the New Business Unit to manage the DESYTEC area (Development and Technology for Drug Delivery) working on different platform technologies such as:
  • Modified drug release delivered in solid, injectable, and soft gel doses
  • Microemulsions and automicroemulsions
  • Double drug delivery system in a single dose
  • Modified gel bases
  • Fast dissolution tablets and films
  • Oral administration gummy drug delivery
  • Essential oils based drug delivery in palpebral oleo-gel administration
  • Drug absorption and bioavailability Class II and IV BCS, acting upon solubility and permeability
Alfredo has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years.

Andrea Ocampo

New Products Development Director, Gummies technology

Food Eng. Magister in Innovation

Carlos Salazar, MBA, Mech. Eng - Int. Bus. Spc.

Director of Softgel Technologies

Mr. Salazar received his BSc in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Projects from Universidad del Norte. He received an MBA in business administration beside on a specialization in International Business from Universidad del Norte and also he is a Specialist in High Management from Universidad de Los Andes.
15 years in softgel manufacturing Development of softgel manufacturing technologies 
Mr. Salazar has 19 years of experience in national and international projects in softgel plants, 10 years of experience in softgel capsule operation and production and has been in his current role for five years in which he is responsible for the innovation and development of new technologies, including G-Tabs, Unigel, 8th and 9th generation encapsulation machines. Mr. Salazar also has five patents pending. Mr Salazar is married 20 years ago and has one daughter, who´s 12. He enjoys traveling and walking mainly in places with beach landscapes, also enjoys typical seafood.

Claudia Silva

R&D Coordinator, Gummies Facility

Claudia graduated from Universidad Nacional (Colombia) gaining a degree as a Pharmacist. She also holds a European PhD in Food Science and Engineering from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Claudia went on to become a senior researcher with experience in formulation, development and industrial transference for new products. This integrates her background and expertise in; rheology of natural hydrocolloids, leading the project management on new platforms for research, design and development of new delivery systems and new pharmaceutical dosage forms, the evaluation of new materials, equipment and technologies as innovative proposals and the evaluation of gelatin substitutes for product development.

Claudia has authored several scientific research papers and attendant to various International Congresses in the area of rheology and research and development of thickening systems.

Diego Monterroza, H. M.Sc

Corporate Manager, R&D

Diego holds a degree in Organic Chemistry from Universidad del Atlántico and a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Universidad Nacional in Colombia. He has more than 15 years of formulation and analytical development experience with soft gelatin capsules products, including products for the US, EP and Canadian markets.

Diego has led formulation development for liquids, semisolids, and suspensions, contained in soft gelatin capsules, including lipid formulations and self-emulsifying drug delivery systems. In his current role, Diego leads the product and analytical development of pharmaceutical products for PROCAPS S.A. covering diverse solid and liquid dosage forms, mainly, soft gelatin capsules and associated technologies.

Joe Luis Villa, Ph.D

Director of Product Development USA & EU

Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Atlantic University of Barranquilla, Advance Chemistry Studies Degree (Rovira and Virgili University), Teaching in High Education Specialist (Rovira and Virgili University) and  PhD in Chemistry of the Rovira and Virgili University of Tarragona, Spain.
He has five years of experience as University Professor in the Faculties of Chemistry, Rovira and Virgili University, and Chemistry and Pharmacy, Atlantic University. He has over ten years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of Quality Control; Analytical Research & Development and Products Research and Development. Currently he is in charge of the development of Rx and OTC products in soft gelatin capsule for the USA and EU markets and in the research and development of rapid analytical method for quality control of raw material, in-process and finished products. He is married and has two children.