History and evolution of Procaps

  • Historia Softigel

    Dolofen  Started operations production for third parties.

     Market launch of our first branded product: Dolofen.

     Our participation in the Rx market begins.

  •  License Agreement with American Cyanamid

     First Joint Venture signed with Upjohn International Company.

  •  Acquisition of the Sofgel Facility in Venezuela

     Creation of DISMEC, our on-site engineering division.

     Joint Ventures and commercial agreements signed in Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Chile.

     Construction of our Softgel Facility in Brazil

     ISO 9002:94

     Construction of the new Softgel Facility in Barranquilla

  •  ISO 9001:2000 certification in our new facilities

     Acquisition of Pharmayect - Sterile facility

     Commercial Agreements with US & Canadian Generic companies for ANDA submissions

     Commercial agreements signed in El Salvador and Panama

     Launch of the first product using our patented technology G-Tab ™ FDA Audit (2009): first Soft Gelatin Capsule Facility FDA approved in South America.

     S.E. Asia market entry

  •  ISO 14000 certification

  •  FDA approval of our Softgels and Hormones Facilities in Barranquilla