Product Development Services

Our seven cutting-edge facilities house a fully integrated PDS unit and covers all product life cycle phases from early development to commercial in the same plant, using equipment replication between non GMP and GMP. The development group provides clients with access to formulation development, process development, CTM manufacturing, and scale-up services for a range of softgel types. From Phase I scale, scale-up and registration, through to large scale commercial production.

Research & Development

Research & DevelopmentA key factor in our market success is having a R&D team working continuously on the development of formulas and pharmaceutical technologies. By combining new synthetic and natural substances with high-tech research equipment and new drug delivery systems, we offer differentiated products.  PROCAPS develops over 50 new pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetics and veterinary products every year, all based on global industry trends.  Our experience is at your disposal.

Among our R&D Services are:

  • Drug substance, clinical trial materials, IND, NDA and ANDA registration stability testing
  • Extensive storage conditions
  • All ICH climatic stability zones 
  • Customized environmental conditions 
  • Photo stability chamber
  • Forced degradation studies
  • Computerized data management and pull schedules
  • Storage security features:
    • 24-hour-a-day electronic Veriteq monitoring
    • Relative Humidity and Temperature alarms
    • Backup power generator

Analytical instrumentation

  • Analytical instrumentationDSC, MDSC and TGA capabilities
  • Automated Dissolution System (USP I- IV)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography with UV, PDA, FL, RI detectors; among others
  • Gas Chromatography including HS with FID and NPD detectors
  • Atomic absorption including graphite furnace and nitrous oxide
  • Disintegration Apparatus for capsules, tablets and vaginal capsules 
  • pH-Meter
  • Sonic Baths
  • Karl Fischer 
  • Automated Titrators including pH, complexation and phototrode detection point
  • Centrifuge
  • Infrared apparatus for identification and quantification
  • Among others
Note: About 80 Scientists are devoted to development and technology.