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Softigel by Procaps to feature Stress Release Gummies During Vitafoods 2019


Softigel by Procaps, a leading provider of Integrated Contract Development and Manufacturing Services in Softgel Technologies will be featuring its Stress Release Gummies, Blissful Gummies, during Vitafoods 2019 taking place in Geneva, Switzerland.
Millions of people live in a state of constant stress, accepting it as an unfortunate consequence of modern, fast-paced life. Unfortunately, frequent stress may lead to unwanted health consequences, including migraines and sleep disorders.  At Softigel we have combined the soothing power of Saffron, a spice extracted from the flower of the Crocus plus lemon balm extract and chamomile, with their innovative Gummygels Technology, creating Blissful Gummies; a stress reducer, anxiety reliever and anti-depressant gummy that is nutritious and, most importantly, convenient.
With Blissful Gummies we have created a delicious vegan option made of Agar, a gelatinous polysaccharide derived from red algae, that is not only fitting for vegetarians and vegans but at the same time adds nutritional value. Agar is 80 percent fiber, contains no fat, no protein, and only a small amount of carbohydrates.
After taking these 2 delicious strawberry flavored gummies, consumers will feel at ease helping them relax and maintain a positive attitude.
Gummygels Technology
Softigel’s Gummygels technology offers both kids and adults an innovative, flavorful and more attractive alternative of delivering VMS, while still maintaining the effectiveness of the traditional pill.
About Softigel by Procaps
Through our extensive capabilities and deep expertise in product development and softgel manufacturing, we help different companies bring innovative products to their markets faster, offering their patients and consumers an exceptional experience, high preference and superior adherence to different therapies.
Softigel’s constant investment in marketing activities and a deep understanding on its customer´s needs, portfolios and strategic growth plans, has led them to achieve long-standing relationships, helping its customers deliver better health and nutrition to their patients and consumers around the world.
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Softigel’s team of experts will be available to discuss future business opportunities as you get a closer look at their Innovative Technologies at Booth E20.
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