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A preview of what to expect from Procaps at SupplySide West 2017

1. What trends or new happenings in the marketplace are driving demand for your products or services, and how does your company address your customers’ needs?
At this moment, what´s moving market growth are basically
3 aspects:
  • Aging population, were we see each day that senior consumers do not want to be defined by their age and wish to maintain their same active Lifestyle.
  • The FITNESS move, with consumers who are in search of preventive measures, instead of reactive measures in order to avoid future health problems.
  • And SELF-CARE: Since consumers are everyday more concerned with their wellbeing, new and more specialized Supplements need to be developed.
From young to old and whether it’s a daily walk or a marathon, consumers understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
Also, we have detected that consumers are in search of alternatives for traditional medicines and capsule forms, and technology strongly influences the way consumers manage their health. They are also constantly looking for natural options in order to increase their nutritional needs with clean labels with natural ingredients, and all of these results in the search for customized solutions focused on specific needs.
Softigel by procaps is addressing these needs by introducing novel technologies and formats that not only bring quality and product shelf life to products, but solves the need of combining different products into one single dose, reducing the number of doses to take per day, and offering a more enjoyable and pleasant way of taking vitamins, supplements and medication.

2. What new advancements, services or products has your company offered in the past year, and how does that benefit your customers?

Our latest technology, which is called UnigelTM, is a first to market technology, which incorporates the benefits of the soft gelatin capsule form, and offers the option of combining different dosage forms (tablets, capsules, hard capsules) within one single softgel.

This technology allows combining multiple APIs previously incompatible in other dosage forms, allows having different release profiles in one product, and offers a great number of benefits to the consumer in terms of therapy adherence, preference and consumer experience. We have 18 formulas for general nutrition, beauty and sports categories that bring unique combinations, shapes and colors to offer an unparalleled consumer experience.

3. What is your company’s point of differentiation in the market?

Innovation sits at the heart of our business and this is why we continuously develop new products and formats, having always in mind that our goal is to deliver an enjoyable consumer experience through our advanced softgel technologies, and we´ve been doing this for 40 years now.
In today’s health-conscious world, people tend to turn to simplicity and on-the-go products that can assure easiness and consumer compliance for any, and our treatment.
Our mission is to deliver better nutrition & health trough innovative platforms, and allow our customers to become a standout player within their field.

4. What can SupplySide West attendees expect to see at your booth this year, and how can this information help their business in the next six months?

At supply side west, our visitors will get to explore a new world of opportunities in never seen before options for both health and nutrition, will get to see, touch and taste unique formulations in nutritional gummies, and novel technologies for fixed dose combinations. Overall, and interactive and captivating experience, focused especially in our innovative platform technologies. Plus, Colombian coffee tasting and treats to make your visit more enjoyable. Visit us at Stand H137.