Business Models

Bussines ModelsSOFTIGEL works with different flexible value added schemes strengthening long term relationships.

I. Licensing: 

We manage an extensive product portfolio with complete dossiers for registration.  We deliver brands, package designs, and scientific support and even do the marketing program for promoting products to physicians or end consumers.

II.Private Label: 

We offer branded products or product development to our partners for them to include in their product portfolio.

III. ITM (Idea to Market):

From the initial conception of a product idea, all the way to consulting and marketing strategy, sales team training, promotional plans, we help our customers in every stage of their product development, widening their product lines and creating new products for their markets.

IV. Contract Manufacturing:  

As a pioneer in Softgels, we have been offering contract manufacturing services for more than 3 decades, with innovative approaches to softgel product development and manufacturing services for Nutritional products, OTC and prescription pharmaceuticals.