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Live Webinar: Preformulation and formulation activities during development of softgels

This webinar is intended to present a general view of softgel pre-formulation based on gelatin as a key raw material of the system, and will discuss:

  • Various characteristics of gelatine, and the tests that could predict its performance on the preformulation phase and the effect of the parameters in some CQAs of the product.
  • Considerations of shell formulation developed on the QbD (Quality by Design) frame in order to offer a guideline to solve some common problems in softgel product development, such as rupture time and clumping.
  • A commentary on technical insights into problem-solving skills as a result of our multidisciplinary work; analytical sources; the experiences of our manufacturers and the efforts to overcome the key issues that face the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Please join this webinar to learn about why softgels, as a dosage form should be considered as a delivery medium (and how to save money, time and team effort if you intend to incorporate it within your portfolio) - and why QbD will be the standard for Product Development all over the Pharmaceutical Industry.