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Introducing at SupplySide West 2017, FLU-MMIES our first cough and cold relief gummies

Symptoms of a cold will start to show in about 1-4 days after catching the virus. (WebMD) They start with that uncomfortable burning sensation in the nose and throat, followed by sneezing, a runny nose and an overall feeling of tiredness and unwellness. It does not matter how careful you are over your health, we are all target for these symptoms.

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A preview of what to expect from Procaps at SupplySide West 2017

SupplySide West What’s Hot Digital Issue Q&A

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Introducing EchinaC, immune booster gummies with Echinacea + Vitamin C. Visit us at Vitafoods Asia 2017 for the great launching.

Who Isn’t Familiar with that unstoppable sneezing, painful hacking and all-around lousy feeling that just won’t go away when you catch a cold? Regardless of our age, health or even lifestyle, these symptoms are extremely common among individuals.

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Introducing during Vitafoods 2017 Gumtastic Power: Energy gummies developed by Softigel by Procaps

Who hasn´t needed a wake-me-up in the morning or hasn´t dragged a tired body to the end of the day? Regardless how we individually spend our day, the intensity of our routine, the sports practice or the stressful of our labor; the common consequence is the high demand and lack of energy.

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Softigel invites you to join a Live Webinar on Stability Issues Related to Softgels

Since stability is a great concern in the industry because pharmaceuticals must be safe and effective, on April 27th we will be having a live session on Stability issues related to softgels, presented by two of our R&D experts, Diego Monterroza and Claudia Silva.

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